PMI Technical Workshop in February 2022

Getting the Instrument Right: Identify, design, and implement carbon pricing instruments - Day 1

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Session 1. Role of carbon pricing instruments in the context of implementing NDCs under the Paris Agreement
This session will discuss the role of carbon pricing instruments, as a part of the policy package and measures, in meeting climate objectives of the jurisdictions. We will hear from policymakers on how they integrated the role of CPIs into their NDC formulations, how they identified opportunities and challenges, and how domestic institutional structures can help to make implementation of carbon pricing effective and achieve its intended objectives.
Moderator: Venkata Putti, Program Manager, PMI, World Bank

Session 2. Considerations in identification and implementation of CPIs
This session will discuss the important ingredients needed to identify and successfully implement carbon pricing, including understanding the political economy, local context, role of sectors to decarbonize the economy, potential distributional impacts, ease of implementation, readiness and capacity of stakeholders, and the international policy developments. The session will hear from countries that successfully implemented or at the verge of implementation on approaches to consider when identifying and implementing instruments.
Moderator: Christian Eigen Zucchi, Lead Economist, EFICE and Secretary of the Coalition of Finance Ministers for Climate action, World Bank

  • Memory Machingambi, Senior Economist, National Treasury, South Africa
  • Jason Gray, Chief, Climate Change Program Evaluation Branch, California Air Resources Board, California
  • Huy Luong Quang, Head, Division of GHG emission reduction and ozone layer protection, Department of Climate Change, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Vietnam
  • Zhang Xin, General Economist, NCSC, People’s Republic of China